Canada 150th Birthday Soccer Celebration!!!

2017 Oakridge Cup!

Saturday June 24th 2017 on Oakridge area fields


Minimum of two games, skills competition, face painting and other fun activities!

BBQ, face painting, swimming, splash pad, and band at Oakridge Arena 11am to 3pm!


U12 Boys Schedule:  Champion is the round robin winner

Time Park Home Away
9:00am Oak Park Red 7 White 3
9:00am STA Orange 2 Gold 5
11:00am Oak Park Gold 4 White 7
11:00am STA Red 5 Orange 1
1:00pm STA Gold 3 Red 7
1:00pm STA Lower White 5 Orange 0


U12 Girls Schedule:  Champion is the round robin winner

Time Park Home Away
10:00am Oak Park Red 0 Sky 2
10:00am STA Orange 1 Gold 3
noon STA Lower Gold 1 Sky 1
noon STA Red 1 Orange 1
2:00pm STA Lower Gold Red
2:00pm STA Sky Orange


U10 Boys Schedule:  Winner of each pool advances to final

Pool A: White, Navy and Forest
Pool B:  Red, Gold, Maroon and purple

Time Field Pool Home Away
9:00am STA Lower A White 1 Navy 3
9:50am Hazelden A B Red 1 Gold 4
9:50am Hazelden B B Maroon 1 Purple 2
10:40am STA Lower A Forest 4 White 1
11:30am Hazelden A B Red 3 Maroon 4
11:30am Hazelden B B Purple 4 Gold 1
1:10pm Hazelden A B Red 1 Purple 4
1:10pm Hazelden B B Gold 3 Maroon 1
1:10pm West Oaks A A Navy 5 Forest 7
2:50pm Hazelden B Champ FOREST PURPLE


U10 Girls Schedule:  Winner of each pool advances to final
Pool A:  Red, Pink and White
Pool B:  Sky, Purple and Gold

Time Field Pool Home Away
9:00am West Oaks A A Red 1 Pink 2
9:00am West Oaks B B Sky 1 Purple 4
10:40am West Oaks A A White 1 Red 3
10:40am West Oaks B B Gold 1 Sky 2
12:20pm West Oaks A A Pink 3 White 0
12:20pm West Oaks B B Purple 2 Gold 2
2:50pm Hazelden A Champ PINK PURPLE


U8 Boys Schedule:  Pool winners advance to semis, semi winners to final

Pool A:  Red, Navy and Maroon

Pool B:  White, Grey and Purple

Pool C:  Royal, Gold and Orange

Pool D:  Sky, Teal and Forest

Time Field Pool Home Away
9:00am Hazelden A A Red 3 Navy 1
9:00am Hazelden B B White 9 Grey 4
9:00am Oak Mini East C Royal 4 Gold 7
9:00am Oak Mini West D Sky 2 Teal 3
10:40am Hazelden A A Navy 4 Maroon 1
10:40am Hazelden B B Purple 2 White 4
10:40am Oak Mini East C Orange 7 Royal 0
10:40am Oak Mini West D Forest 2 Sky 1
12:20pm Hazelden A A Maroon 1 Red 2
12:20pm Hazelden B B Grey 5 Purple 1
12:20pm Oak Mini East C Gold Orange
12:20pm Oak Mini West D Teal Forest
2:00pm Hazelden A Semi RED WHITE
2:00pm Hazelden B Semi ORANGE FOREST
3:20pm Oak Mini East Champ Semi W Semi W


U8 Girls Schedule:  Pool winners and second in Pool C to semis, semi winners to finals

Pool A:  Red, Sky and Purple

Pool B:  White, Maroon and Apple

Pool C:  Teal, Orange, Pink and Gold

Time Field Pool Home Away
9:50am West Oaks A C Teal 0 Orange 4
9:50am West Oaks B C Pink 1 Gold 2
9:50am Oak Mini East A Red 4 Sky 1
9:50am Oak Mini West B White 0 Maroon 3
11:30am West Oaks A C Pink 0 Teal 1
11:30am West Oaks B C Gold 0 Orange 2
11:30am Oak Mini East A Purple 1 Red 4
11:30am Oak Mini West B Apple 1 White 4
1:10pm Oak Mini East A Sky Purple
1:10pm Oak Mini West B Maroon 5 Apple 0
2:30pm Oak Mini East Semi RED ORANGE
2:30pm Oak Mini West Semi MAROON TEAL
3:40pm Oak Mini West Champ Semi W Semi W



Any questions can be directed to





Oakridge Mini fields are located at Oakridge Secondary School.  1040 Oxford Street West, London Ontario.  West Oaks fields are at West Oaks Public School.  1050 Plantation Road, London Ontario.  West Oaks was previously Westdale Public School.  Hazelden fields are on Hyde Park Road North of Riverside Dr. and South of Oxford St.  STA and STA Lower is at ST Thomas Aquinas Secondary School 1360 Oxford Street West, London.  Oak Park 1207 Royal York Road London.

Any questions, please email attention Oakridge 150th Tournament


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