The following teams have registered in the EMDSL Indoor League that plays every Sunday at the BMO Centre from mid-October through mid-April.

Indoor EMDSL Winter League

Division Year Team Contact Contact Info
U10 Girls; 2 Teams 2007 Inferno Shannon Seidel
U11 Girls; 2 Teams 2006 SPARKS Chris Veillon
U12 Girls; 2 Teams 2005 Dynamite Brent Ashby
U12 Boys 2005 Blast Roy Carvalho
U14 Girls 2003 Thunder - White Larry Palarchio
U14 Boys 2003 Thunder Larry Palarchio
U15 Girls 2002 Dynamo Scott McAskill
U16 Girls 2001 Flames Lesley Neable
U18 Girls 1999 Storm Sarah Pacheco


Winter Program - Training

Even though some Oakridge teams have opted to not play in the EMDSL Indoor League, they are still training through out the winter months. Please contact the Head Coach directly for the team you are interested in.

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